Eddie Kelley


A native Oregonian, Eddie grew up on the east side of Portland...Attending public school in the area, and then progressing to enrollment at Mount Hood Community College. After obtaining an Associate of Science, I transferred to Portland State University. I'm currently enrolled in the Portland State Maseeh College of Engineering & Computer Science program at PSU, and enjoy studying computer technologies as time permits.


In 1999, I began my career at PowerMacPac - an Apple Authorized Service Provider and Reseller. Working closely with Apple and Mac technologies greatly enhanced my already peaked interest in the platform. The experience that I gained performing hardware and software troubleshooting/repairs as an Apple Certified Desktop and Portable technician was invaluable in shaping my work skills.

Due to the popularity of Mac server systems in the last decade, I was forced to learn the technical ins and outs of system administration. Although I already posessed a great ability to automate and deploy systems, the experience gained as a result of obtaining the Apple Certified System Administrator certification was astounding.


Tinkering with Mac computer systems is a great hobby of mine. I also enjoy getting in touch with nature while fishing and camping. When I'm not staring at a computer screen or wandering around in a muddy creek, you can often find me shooting pool or sampling the latest Portland micro brew.

Apple Certified Support Professional

Kelley Computing


Kelley Computing was founded in 2001 as an outlet for programming and technology studies. Eventually, some of the software posted on the site became fairly popular. Due to this popularity, in about 2004 the site started generating a small amount of traffic. This gave way to a small web presence, which was lightly maintained to continue providing access to the developed software tools.


In March of 2014, the company opened its doors to provide Mac IT, system administration, and consulting services to businesses in the Portland metro area. Overwhelming demand for courteous, professional service and support inevitably sparked a developing startup.

Kelley Computing brings with it over 25 years of experience on the Mac platform. This includes 15 years of hands-on work servicing and supporting Apple hardware and software solutions. A keen insight into the inner workings of OS X allows for speedy and efficient analysis, troubleshooting, and repair of any technical hurdles that are encountered.